Will a gay marriage ban come to DC?

Is there no rest or peace in this world?

Isn’t bad enough that we residents of the District of Columbia have few rights the Congress need to respect that we have to face a referendum on defining marriage as “one man and one woman”, too? Thanks to Terrance for the tip.

Board Meeting Rescheduled
The DC Board of Elections and Ethics announces that the regularly scheduled meeting of Wednesday, November 17, at 10:30 am has been rescheduled for Thursday, November 18, at 10:30 am. All issues and matters on the agenda for the meeting of November 17 will be placed on the agenda for the meeting on November 18, including certification of the results of November 2, 2004 Presidential General Election and a public hearing to consider whether the proposed “District of Columbia Marriage Protection Act” is a proper subject matter for an initiative.

As previously scheduled, the meeting will be held in Room 280-North of the One Judiciary Square building located at 441 Fourth Street, NW.

For further information, the public may call 202-727-2525 (TDD: 202-638-8916).

I can’t be there. Perhaps some one else who wants to defend our home rights and the possibility of same-sex marriage can be there for me.

And even if the matter has merit, I’ll fight this like my life depends on it.

Blimp, part two, and Baseball

Dang if I wasn’t followed by the spy blimp from my apartment to my bus stop. Or rather, the putt-putt-putting blimp was rounding up from Capitol Hill and heading up P Street in the same direction as my bus.

And there it was, over Georgetown when I got out from work. Odd, but perhaps it might lend its identity to the new-but-who-cares baseball team that we’re evidently in dire need of.

Either that or call the team the Washington Black Squirrels (which we have many of).

For spying on gay bars, I suppose

I was one of those Washington residents that all the wire services (here’s a short article from the VOA) say were stunned when they (we) saw the blimp overhead this morning. Goody: first Iraq and Afghanistan, now us.

I’m note sure what else to say about the spy security craft, except that it was almost overhead when I was waiting for my bus this morning. It was closer to the Seventeenth Street row of gay bars and restaurants, though, so the “stand and model” crowd at JR’s would have benefited more from our Government’s interests.

The blimp. Photo: US Army

This is just wrong, in a perfectly historical way

Hubby and I saw this development on our way to dinner tonight.

Clara Barton Condominium [link is dead]

The reference isn’t gratuitous; the complex incorporates the building Barton — a known Universalist — used when she was doing her Civil War work for lost servicemen.

Henry Noble Couden

Well, it seems I’ve been quoted in the Washington Post, too. Nice.

Before Sunday worship.

Part of the reason (and in addition to what I wrote yesterday) I’ll be using military allusions in the sermon, naturally enough, is because Monday is Memorial Day. If this never-ending rain and glum lifts — even if for a couple of hours — I’ll go visit the grave of Henry Noble Couden. He was a Universalist minister and for a quarter-century the chaplain for the
House of Representatives
. A Union soldier, Couden was blinded at Vickburg.

He, his wife, and one of his two sons are buried at Arlington National Cemetery . (His other son, the Rev. Will Couden was the interim minister here in Washington during the First World War.)

After Sunday worship. A few church members asked about the Commission on Appraisal report mentioned in the press article. Here’s that commission’s website, too.