Where two or three gather, there’s a worship group

I’ve been studying the Quakers more than usual lately. Not just the Friends General Conference — the main fellowship for liberal Quakers, including many who aren’t necessarily Christian — but others, including the Holiness pastoral Quakers, and the Conservatives, with whom I would likely be most at home, should I ever go to the Friends.… Continue reading Where two or three gather, there’s a worship group

The $28 Unitarian Universalist congregation

So, returning to the question of congregational size and spending, I wanted an answer to a question: what congregation spends the least money per member, and what does that “get you”? That honor goes to the Joseph Priestly Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Its 28 members reported 2009 annual expenses of $800, or about $28… Continue reading The $28 Unitarian Universalist congregation

The simplest church

I’m having unformed thoughts, and rather than trying to get them all ironed out, I thought I would open the floor. What is the simplest church you know of? Simple in organization, mission, membership, finances and leadership. What do you think the simplest church could be? What “complications” — even hallowed ones — would you… Continue reading The simplest church