“New Patterns for Worship”

The Church of England related book New Patters for Worship is normally the kind of thing I would recommend you flip through at a library, if you had the chance. It would be hard to justify the cost of an imported book to worship leaders (lay or ordained), except perhaps for Episcopalians for whom the work is best suited on these shores.

Its helpful worship-planning process, including training tips, and the way it occasionally stumbles into a latter-day Puritan “directory of public worship” mode (for the “Service of the Word”) might make it useful for Unitarian Universalists, or at least the Christian ones. Also, few Protestants but the Episcopalians and Lutherans put much effort into explaining the mechanics of worship, so you have to take what you get, and sift, sift, sift.

If I sound cool on this work — first published in 1995 — it is matched with a certain warmth when I say it can be downloaded as three PDF files free of charge from the Church of England Common Worship site.

And free makes it worth a second look.

Scroll down to New Patterns for Worship

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