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I’m taking as much time as I can afford and going back to the roots. In the process, I found a good article about Elhanan Winchester, one of the more underappreciated ancestors of faith. What I like particularly is that the writer integrates the former’s American and London ministries.

Do note that a typo or other gremlin crept in: the South Carolina river mentioned in is “Pee Dee” not “Pec Dec”. (I believe the latter is some kind of exercise equipment.) Now if someone (not me) can integrate Winchester’s South Carolina ministry (some work has been done among Brethren historians) we would have a brief current working picture of Elhanan Winchester.

At the Meadville-Lombard Theological School website:

Elhanan Winchester, Junior: Fire for the Gospel, by David Johnson.

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  1. There is some information about Winchester in the archives and holdings of the Baptists in SC (he was one of the first preachers of the Baptists in SC) – and you find his name in various books about Society Hill SC’s St David’s Academy (the minute books shows he paid his dues).

    what is needed?

    steven rowe (living 10 miles down the road from the site)

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