Spiritual Seekers Society (Hong Kong) blogs

The Spiritual Seekers Society of Hong Kong (尋道會) has an English-language blog describing activities (including translation projects) they’re doing. They identify as Unitarian Universalist and are listed as an “other group” with the ICUU. I think one of the members of this group approached me as the web point person of the UUCF years ago, but I was unable to help him.

God bless them — they made it happen anyway.

Tell me this photo doesn’t make you smile. (Whole set) Did I mention they are young, too? Joseph? Stephen?

Later. Their publications site. 香港 UU 中文資源網 (UU resources in Chinese)

Later still. From the date of the photo, it seems to have been taken during a major pro-democracy march in Hong Kong.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. Dear Boys in the Band –
    It is great to learn a bit more history of this group, do you see value in our international relationships? If so how? If not, why? I hope to make a connection with this group while I am in the Philippines over the next year working with the UU Churches there. I have learned several things from meeting Unitarian Universalists in the Philippines and India (Khasi Hills) – without Christo-centricism, they have a deep sense of devotionalism to a singular confession. When I returned to the USA, I found myself pondering devotionalism ever since in my lay and professional life within the UUA.

  2. One of my deep troubles with US Unitarian Universalism today is its replacement of an internationalist ideal with a nebulous sectarianism. Anything to overcome that is good. But reaching out can’t be about what good it does for self. It has to create synergy that benefits both partners.

    I noted how the “re-discovery” of the Translyvanian Unitarians, with their unabashed and unapologetic Christianity, was the best thing to happen to the UUCF in a generation because it forced us to “get out of ourselves.” The SSSHK has an interesting, and possibly unselfpossessed approach to a “federation of religions” that I think a lot of Unitarian Universalists want and yet can’t quite grasp.

    I am publically worried that small groups, eager to build bridges, abandon their sense of self and distinctives. A Coca-colonialism of world Unitarianism and Universalism.

  3. Hi,
    This is Ray Ryu, a Korean working in Guangzhou. For a quite long time, I’ve been interested in UU but had no chance to experience it. Because GZ is near to HK and I sometimes visit HK. I hope to join your meeting as an observer.
    Would you help me?
    My HK cell number is +852-6915-1700


  4. Just for clarification, the UUs of Hong Kong, formerly known as “Hong Kong Seekers Society”, are in the “Other” section of the ICUU website because they specifically asked to remain as such, after having been visited by ICUU Executive Secretary, John Clifford, a couple of years ago, with a friendly invitation to join our international ranks. They felt that they were not quite ready yet (which makes sense to me).

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