Make your own deodorant

Next to shampoo, the Deodorant Question looms the largest in the world of the seriously plastic-free. And somewhere in my head I made the calculation and thought “that’s too far.” I can zap plastic in other parts of my life before I go there. Thus

But I’m sympathetic enough (and frugal and wary of toxins) to pass along an idea if someone else can make something of it. Queercents — a lesbian, gay etc. etc. finance blog; gave a transman article on affordable testosterone, for instance — recently ran an article by Elizabeth (no surname given) who makes her own toiletries.

Her research and experiments came to some counterintuitive conclusions, so I recommend you read the whole thing. You’ll end up with a two-fer! And it’s not a messy lotion-type concoction like your grandparents might have suffered.

DIY Experimenting: Making Deodorant