Hymnbook panel slated for 2009 UK AGM

That is, next year’s Annual General Meeting of the [British] General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches will have a “hymnb[oo]k panel” on Thursday, April 16, to be held in Chester

That’s about right. The official hymnal, Hymns for Living dates to 1985 and the unofficial but popular (and one I like much) Hymns of Faith and Freedom dates to 1991. Conventional wisdom states a hymnal’s expected lifespan is 30 years, and can take several years to develop.

Lay preacher training, this time Unitarian

I got a copy of The ABC’s of Lay Preaching, a recent product of the Midland Union of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches that looks very promising. It isn’t a long read, but my flight-wearied eyes haven’t been able to give it justice to day.

I’ll read it and review it ASAP.

A quick Google search shows it is being, or has been, used at Birmingham (New Meeting) Evesham (Oat Street Chapel), and (it seems) Oxford (Manchester College Chapel).

There’s a nice bio and “desert island hymn list” about one of the training participants, putting a face on a slice of Unitarianism little known on this side of the Atlantic. (By the way, Anglicans Online are asking its readers to submit their desert island favorite this week. I chose “Eternal ruler of the ceaseless round.”)

2008 April 24. Information about it is available online, but I think it would be very hard for anyone outside the UK to order it.