Plastic-free tea: accomplished

[Later. Head thwack! I forgot to add the pictures!]

Hubby and I were out in the ‘burbs last weekend, near one of my favorite Metro-accessible Persian groceries — Yekta; 1488 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852 near Twinbrook station — for canned goods, perhaps some sweet-treat and (fingers crossed) tea not packed with any plastic. And with a tiny caveat, I found it.

the tea package, unopened

end of package, with label

For $6, I got this 500g packet of Barooti Gulabi Tea. Gulabi being a trademark of G. A. Randerian Limited, of Kolkata (Calcutta), India. You can get it online, too: an example. What gave me hope was the outer milky-colored wrapper; that’s not plastic, but glassine, a kind of oil-resistant paper once commonly used for tasks given to plastic film today. (More about glassine later.)

tearing into the tea

the tea, ready to brew

The only plastic I found on the outside was the shiny seal — my caveat — pictured in the first second photo: a piece of mylar so small I didn’t bother to weigh it. Past the glassine was a label glued in place — I confess to a bit of Christmas gift unwrapping-like excitement — to the pinkish (probably recycled) paper layer, under which was a square of cardboard to help the loaf of tea keep its shape. Past that was a wrapper of foil-coated paper. There could be plastic sandwiched in there, but I’m doubtful: it’s awfully thin, and apart from that shiny seal and a UPC label, I doubt the packaging has changed much in decades. But for the record, the inner foil-coated layer weighed 3g.

Now, for the tasting. Not too tannic, a little malty. Not green tasting. I bet most people brought up on Lipton’s would accept it and think it better than usual. A dark liquor. Ices well. I bet it would be good spiced, too. A winner.