Low plastic at Thanksgiving

Well, Hubby and I enjoyed our third vegetarian Thanksgiving feast; I blogged about the cooking at my main blog here, here, here and here, as much for notes for next year as anything. (We’re not vegetarians, but it’s hard to be thankful with a dead turkey in the fridge.) Alas, I waited too long to shop and bought packaged mushrooms, which are easy enough to find loose. Fortunately, most everything else vegetable — since we’re talking about winter vegetables — came loose.

But I have made one move for plasticlessness: butter. (Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking what a sacrifice.) I had been getting light margarine. But out goes the tubs of flavorless or odd-flavored palm or hydrogenated oil. Butter has more calories; I’ll use less. Butter comes from methane-depleting cattle? True, but I’ve whittled my greenhouse gasses so much. Leave me my paper-wrapped butter.

Live blogging Thanksgiving dinner, part 0

For the third year, Hubby and I are having a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner. Why? I feel bad for the turkeys, and the customary “pardon one, slay millions” political theater is terrible theology. This is a Universalist blog, you know.

And besides, what could we possibly use with all that food: the turkey meat and the boatloads of sides? It’s not Westerners ordinarily live with the feast-and-famine — or even feast-and-fast — cycles known in centuries past. Together, we’ve lost a wheelbarrel load of body fat, largely by watching our portions. So I’m preparing us a nice dinner, not too much and bird-free.