1925 Universalist General Convention constitution and bylaws, part 4

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V — Organization of the Convention

1. The Secretary of each State Convention shall certify to the Secretary of this Convention, previous to each regular session, the names of its President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and State Superintendent, and the Clerk of each parish shall certify to the Secretary of this Convention the names of its delegates, and no person shall be recognized as delegate without certification except by special vote of the Convention itself.
2. At the hour appointed for the meeting of the Convention the President, or, in his absence, one of the Vice-Presidents, shall call the Convention to order, and cause the session to be opened with prayer.
The President shall then direct the Secretary to ascertain if a quorum is present. This may be done by a partial roll-call.
One or more Assistant Secretaries shall then be appointed by the President, on nomination of the Secretary.
3. The President shall then appoint Sessional Committees.
4. The Occasional Sermon shall then be preached and be followed by the observance of the Lord’s Supper (the observance of which may be deferred to some later time in the Convention). At this service a collection is to be taken, the proceeds of which shall be added to the principal of the Gunn Ministerial Relief Fund.
5. The Business Session of the Convention shall be opened by prayer to be followed immediately by the Secretary calling the roll of all persons who are entitled to be members of the Convention according to Article 2 of the Constitution.

VI — Committees

The following Committees for the Session shall be appointed each, except the third, fourth and fifth, to consist of three members, viz:
1. On Credentials, to who shall be referred credentials, also questions of contested seats, and all other matters pertaining to the organization of the Convention.
This Committee shall report to the Convention immediately after the opening of the morning session and reading of the minutes each day, and as often otherwise as it may be required by the Convention or as it may desire; and on the adoption of its report the delegates whom they certify shall be admitted as members of the Convention.
2. On Religious Services, who shall superintend the arrangements made by the Board of Trustees, and make such others as may be necessary, subject to the approval of the Convention.
3. On Nominations, consisting of five members, who shall report, on the morning of the third day of the regular Session, the names of persons for President, Vice-Presidents, Trustees, and for Preacher of the next Occasional Sermon; also, the place for the next regular Session of the Convention.
4. On Official Reports, consisting of nine members, to who shall be referred the reports of the Board of Trustees and of the Treasurer and who shall report upon the same.
5. On Resolutions, consisting of five members to whom shall be referred all resolutions presented to the Convention, without debate, and who shall report upon the same.

VII — Funds

1. Every Parish in the Fellowship of this Convention shall make at least one contribution on quota to the Convention every year.
2. All contributions or gifts bestowed for specific purposes shall be invested and expended only as directed by the donors. The income of the various funds, now or hereafter held by the Convention, shall be appropriated and used for the specific purposes for which said funds were designated or created and for no other purposes.
3. All property or monies which may come into the possession of the Convention and for which no specific designation has been made shall be invested and expended at the discretion of the Convention or by the Board of Trustees when the Convention is not in session.

VIII — Statistics

The Secretary of the General Convention shall secure and keep on file as accurate and up-to-date statistics as it is possible to obtain on blanks approved by the Convention or its Board of Trustees.

IX — Amendments

These By-Laws, and the Laws of Fellowship, Government, and Discipline, may be amended at any regular session by a vote of two-thirds of the members of the Convention present and voting, provided that the number voting may not be less than a majority of the members of the Convention and that notice of the proposed amendment be published in the Universalist Leader at least three months previous to such session.

Rules of Order

1. Of the Seating of Members

1. Immediately after the organization of the General Convention the President shall designate the seats to be occupied by the members which seats shall be reserved expressly for that purpose. He shall appoint Monitors for the purpose of enforcing this rule.

2. General Rules of Procedure

Robert’s Revised Rules [sic] of Order is hereby adopted as the manual of parliamentary practice to regulate the mode of conducting the sessions of the Convention, the rules of debate, modes of procedure and general parliamentary practice do far as the same is practicable, or is not changed by the specific rules herein adopted.

3. Order of Business

1. A quorum being present, the Convention shall be called to order and opened with prayer.
2. Reading the Minutes of the preceding day.
3. Clains to sea Committees for the Session.
i. On Credentials.
ii. On Religious Service.
6. Report of the Board of Trustees.
7. Report of the Treasurer.
8. Report of the General Superintendent.
9. Unfinished Business.ts and their reference.
4. Appointment of other Committees for the Session.
5. Report of the Committees for the Session.
i. On Credentials.
ii. On Religious Service.
6. Report of the Board of Trustees.
7. Report of the Treasurer.
8. Report of the General Superintendent.
9. Unfinished Business.

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