1. Every UU church should do a similar survey. I believe it would be eye-opening. It could initiate a sea-change within the greater UU community by revealing what UUs are rather than what they are commanded (by UU ministers and UUA leadership) to be.

  2. At a UU church in Minneapolis, a large number of aggressive UUs turned up for a Wednesday evening forum when the presentation was by someone who was positive on intelligent design. The UUs were out to “defeat” the i.d. advocate, even though the person was clearly not a creationist.

    On the same evening, a discussion of UU Christianity was scheduled, with two presenters. Only one person showed up, even though it had been publicized.


  3. @ John: Your example demonstrates how our own practice of community, is defined by an informal creed consisting of where one must stand in terms of cultural conflict. And those creedal doctrines are articulated in terms of what we must stand against. If you do not make the correct stand against something, either because you are undecided or you are positive towards it, then you have committed UU blasphemy.

    I sometimes worry that what this practice truly does, is obscure what we are promoting. We can agressively criticize the Other, while being uncritical of our own in-group. So much for the free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

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