A Unitarian Universalist wish list

Sometimes it helps to ask: “what would you like to see? what resources do you wish could exist? what connections do you wish existed? what problem would you like to resolve?” Think about issues that might concern many congregations, but may or may not be normally handled by denominational staff. I’m thinking within the Unitarian Universalist milieu, but not exclusively. I’ve got a bias towards “projects” (read that loosely) that others can build upon or modify to suit particular circumstances.

Ideas, anyone?

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. While this may not be exactly what you are thinking, resources I would love to see: a series of UU-valued/themed young adult novels for our youth; or ones that target ages 8-11. I also would love to see a pre-marriage counseling program.

  2. What I wish I saw more of, and something I am working towards, is an intentional focus on a new member religious education program–one that’s different than what most U/U/UU churches do as far as new member orientation.

    The other thing I hope to see is an usher training program that really explains the importance of ushering to churches.

  3. We have a very active and engaged organization at the “cluster” level. We communicate back and forth and we work together on social justice projects and even some of the special interest stuff, like Earth Centered Spirituality, Youth, and Young Adult programing, where each congregation may not have enough people interested to do something special, but together we can make it happen.

    I know that we are a big cluster for not being on the east or west coast. DFW is lucky to have those kinds of resources, in that we have several large congregations who can spear head, host, or otherwise facilitate some of these things, but the Earth Centered programs actually come from 2 smaller, less centrally located congregations.

    I’d like to see more cooperation, communication, and covenant between congregations. It makes it easier to do big projects, and it helps members see that what we do is connected to a larger movement. I’d like an imitative to make clusters more relevant. I’d like to see calendars that tell members when there is an interesting, open-to-the-public event happening at other congregations within driving distance, and to see us see ourselves as part of more than just politically aligned but completely separate congregations.

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