1. As an aside… It was interesting to follow the links to the Crane Theological School entry, and to see the model of education. Crane’s educational modeal for many years, was not one involving a graduate theological degree. But to admit students of all educational backgrounds to a joint Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Sacred Theology program (BA/STB). I wonder if this was a kind of 4 year + 1 year educational formula (some engineering schools do something like this). This BA / STB model reminds me of educational models I see in some of today’s evangelical bodies, where entry to ministry sometimes involves a Bachelor of Christian Ministry degree.

    While I intellectually favor the graduate model of ministerial theological education; I also wonder about the egalitarian virtues of undergraduate education for ministry (and if we close doors to spiritually gifted people who have different educational backgrounds).

  2. You’ll find a few hits on him with google books. Would be nice to have the The Universalist Leader, The Christian Leader online. It would make researching fellows like this easier. Rev Knight was somehow involved with Universalism’s struggle with creeds and the “liberty clause” in the Winchester Profession… but that’s just from reading snippets on google books.

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