Allelon and on

I keep coming back to the Allelon website and reading with interest. Call me jaded, but I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Until then, I read it with interest and hope to figure out what in my gut responds to it. (I think I’ve got it intellectually.) It may be simply that they’re doing something with historic Christianity that I would join and want to be a part of.

As for church building: I say without pride that I had the idea to use a friend-referred welcome page, too, though I’m not about to hand over my friends’ email addresses (and expect them to stay friends.)

But mine wasn’t an original thought; it came from the Quaker Wider Fellowship. (Closest Unitarian Universalist parallel: Church of the Larger Fellowship.) They did or do send a snail-mail package of information to whomever you want, and will include a personal cover letter from you. (I think you also send a long self-addressed stamped envelope.) A nicely personal way to share information about a religion. Combine these two ideas and I intend to have a special welcome page created for the express purpose of forwarding (as a link or in full) to friends by email. Something of a compromise.

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