Yes, I am an omnivore. No, unless my partner and I get a last-minute invitation for Easter dinner, I shall not be eating lamb.

Lamb of God, yes.
Roasted baa-lamb, no.

And I love roasted baa-lamb. With red potatoes. And mint sauce.

Call me a tender-heart: Augustine called the universalists in his day such. I don’t mind, but on the day that Christ overcame the cross and the grave for our sake, I’m just not in the mood to eat a Dead Something.

Chalk up another victory for Christian Vegetarianism, at least for Easter.

So far it looks like knotted egg-bread (I’d eat boiled eggs if I could stomach them), spring greens, olives, (sheep’s milk) cheese, beets (did you know a “beet is the recommended substitute for the lamb-shank in a Seder?), good wine, and lots of butter.

Oh, and roasted red potatoes with mint sauce.

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