Another word on wedding, or, a (web) eye on arranging space for worship

I recall a few years ago that when a couple decided to broadcast a live video of their wedding it made international news. No more, it seems, in these last days. But don’t get me started about the institution of marriage, well, until later anyway.

A couple of days ago, I stumbled across a small selection of English registry office webcams. (I was looking for a standard rite, if there is one, for registry weddings. Call it a hobby. If you know of one, please leave word in the comments.) I also realized how passe’ a webcam is these days, last or otherwise.

There’s a market town near York, that has a not-awful room in which to get married. And I hope to see the Pocklington webcam in use. Church planters, note the chair set-up.

More of the same:

In Brent borough, Greater London, though it looks more like a place to close on a house than begin married life. (Indeed, Brent council has two webcams, and the wedding cam gets second billing to “watch live as Wembley Stadium is knocked down.”)

This makes the claim of Wandsworth borough, Greater London, that it has “award winning register office has been extensively and tastefully refurbished and offers some of the best facilities for wedding parties in the UK” sound about right. Of course, that begs for a church wedding.

The Welsh, too: See Swansea.

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