April stats

No time to sing the Internationale . . . I have April stats to review.

First, even with the service interruptions, it is clear that more people are visiting this site (with its two blogs, two church sites, and assorted resources) than last month. All of Universalistchurch.net had 1336 unique visitors last month. Most came here. The single most accessed non-blog site was First Universalist Church, Providence, Rhode Island, due in part I’m sure to their pre-Easter ad campaign. Remarkably, the full text of the 1803 Winchester Profession convention was read 69 times, and none of those was me!

The Textweek blog is now my biggest referrer (thanks!) and Google sends along a large number of people making interesting searches, though more sensible and on target than last month. In another change from last month, many of the searches are looking for me or this blog by name. Perhaps World readers who want to spare themselves typing out the URL in print? Or perhaps word of mouth? I won’t guess if looking for me or this blog is sensible, but welcome all the same. Except for those of you wanting boy band pictures. That’s just silly.

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