In memoriam: Mary and Wells Behee

Some very sad news this week in the death of Wells and Mary Behee, lifelong Universalists and church servants. I never met them, but knew much about them from Derek Parker, a friend and ministerial colleague (and successor) to the couple. I asked him to share his remembrances — lest this long-serving couple’s contribution be… Continue reading In memoriam: Mary and Wells Behee

Guest: Perception?

Yesterday, the Rev. Derek Parker wrote me yesterday morning about the front page, and he mentioned that if I wanted to put it up on the blog, I may. It was a variation on that minor annoyance which sends a bad message about the UUA: President Bill Sinkford’s overexporsure on the first page of… Continue reading Guest: Perception?

Guest: What is Ballou’s Treatise about?

The Rev. Derek Parker — a good friend and frequent commenter — wrote me an email this morning that summed-up my feelings about the Rev. Bill Sinkford’s most recent letter as the president of the Unitarian Universalist Association. (I’ve been slammed with other work, thus my non-posting.) You can see it here. With his permission,… Continue reading Guest: What is Ballou’s Treatise about?