Trinity I: Roll call

Another adapted bit of writing to UUMA-CHAT, this time on the historic presence of Trinitarians within Universalism: As early as 1830, you can read embarrassment that there are or might be Trinitarians in the Universalist ministerial college, presumably by those who don’t want any. Thomas Whittemore, as an appendix to his Modern History of Universalism… Continue reading Trinity I: Roll call

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Baptism I: Me or Us?

As I mentioned in the old “boy in the bands” blog, there’s been a little stir on UUMA-CHAT, but since that’s a confidential list for Unitarian Universalist ministers, I can’t go into detail. But I can share what I posted, with the understanding that any sense of urgency will be misplaced since you are reading… Continue reading Baptism I: Me or Us?

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Remembrance of sermons past

Later this month, a lay preacher will give one of my predecessor’s old sermons. Seth Rogers Brooks (d. 1987) was minister of the Universalist National Memorial Church from 1939 to 1979, and leaves quite a shadow. He was one of the leading voices against the 1961 Universalist and Unitarian consolidation, and this hasn’t helped his… Continue reading Remembrance of sermons past

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2 Samuel 13:1-22

I was looking up the daily readings appointed in the Oremus Lectionary for today, and the first is 2 Samuel 13:1-22. I haven’t had a daily reading discipline for some time, and it never seems to last long. Perhaps this time . . . . Is it a bad omen that this is the passage… Continue reading 2 Samuel 13:1-22

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Heartbreak at a lost church

I cannot approve of what seems to be a last-minute derailment tactic by conservative Episcopalians in the nomination of Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire. And I also cannot pretend that the conservatives are not faithful people, and, if this vote passes, they will personally lose something. Consider this excerpt from a presentation by… Continue reading Heartbreak at a lost church

A change of venue

Well, it took long enough but I was able to (1) learn Movable Type, and (2) get it loaded onto one of the hosts I have, but clearly not the one that supports (Lesson to self: keep all your websites hosted through one, convenient service.) So welcome to all of those who have read… Continue reading A change of venue