Awkward reportage at

The lede story at is newsworthy: “Connecticut Interfaith Clergy Bear Witness Against Legislators Supporting Military Commissions Act.”

I’m glad to see it there. I think the Military Commissions Act is a unconstitutional violation of habeas corpus. Moral people should oppose it. So should constitutionalists.

Unitarian Universalists should be proud when others of their own speak up against it. Note that this interfaith group put up a billboard noting which Connecticut senators and representatives voted for the Act. Quite legal and proper.

One is Rep. Nancy Johnson. She is, last I heard, a Unitarian Universalist and yet this fact isn’t metioned in the article. (The only other in the House is Pete Stark, D-CA-13.) It would seem germane, given the denominational-focus of the rest of the piece.

I would expect that kind of detail in a newspaper report; is it fair to demand the same at

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. Check O’Riley’s interview with Rev McTique. He asked two questions she simply couldn’t answer. She couldn’t define torture although she accussed Sen Lieberman of voting for it. She couldn’t say if captured terrorists should be required to give more than name, rank, and seriel number. She blanked, admittedly, on both questions.

    We’ve never granted a right of habeas corpus to foes in battle. It’s almost weird to suggest it since we’re anniliating the corpus in war. Once captured, a combatent sits in the cage for the duration. It’s wrong to treat them as criminals. It’s wrong to send them to trial. If they’re captured fightening outside the rules of the Geneva Convention, as in the case of Gitmo detainess… World convention entitles them to nothing.

  2. Bringing up torture is a straw man here. I’m talking about the Constitution and due process of law. Not a rebellion. Not an invasion. Not constitutional, and I trust even the SCOTUS as composed will see through it. When? God alone knows.

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