Back from New York

Well, Hubby and I are back from New York — and in my zeal to delete poker spam, I deleted six legitimate comments forever.

Including a kind offer to reveal the secret of the Fourth Universalist mosaic. (Do tell again Jeff, if you like.)

Won’t likely be blogging much because I’ll be on Day Trip business travel to Atlanta from Wednesday to next Sunday.

But until then, a few events from the post-PeaceBang part of the trip:

  • Odd sight. Seeing a balding man in the forties jogging down Fifth Avenue in the snow about 10 am this morning wearing nothing more than running shoes, grey Speedos or jockeys, and a bright red teddy. Even the locals noticed.
  • Fun eats.. Pastrami on rye with half-sours and a cream soda and chopped liver on rye with steak fries and half-sours and a celery soda respectivly at Katz’s in the Lower East Side. (The deli featured in When Harry Met Sally. We then got salmon and whitefish salad on ice to go.
  • Good show. Avenue Q is all that and more. Story of my freakin’ life (past tense). Democracy was so-so but suffered from odd casting choices. Cabaret with Nurse Baby Asparagus made me loathe life and (even more) her sycophantic friends-cum-audience, but I do have a better insight into the rationale of the “Just Jack” storyline on Will and Grace.
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By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.

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