Blog in review: March 2006

I’m really quite happy with my blog posts from March 2006, when I focused on resource development.

Helping small non-Christian congregations: 2. Sunday by Sunday

Thursday, March 2nd, 2006

It’s tempting for the worship committee (or like) of small congregations without a regular preacher to act like talent scout for a lyceum series. (I’ve seen this among non-Unitarian Universalists, too.) If all else fails, the “sermon slot” must be filled.

Old Universalist Herald pictured

Thursday, March 9th, 2006

Steven Rowe put up a picture of the old Universalist Herald building, Canon, Georgia, on his blog.

Old Universalist genre has legs

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Mid- to late-nineteenth and early-twentieth century Universalists were masters of their own eclectic genre of publications: miscellanies and handbooks.

Don’t let expensive software stifle your church’s mission

Sunday, March 19th, 2006

Good websites can be very simple

Tuesday, March 21st, 2006

The most important tool for designing a good church website is pencil and paper.

More typefaces to consider

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

I use the typefaces released under a liberal license by Bitstream, of Cambridge, Massachusetts, almost every day.

A calm unclouded ending, part 1: eulogy and prayer aid for the bereaved

Monday, March 27th, 2006

A calm unclouded ending, part 2: saving money for the funeral

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Last word on Pathways

Friday, March 31st, 2006

I read the final report to the UUA Board of Trustees on the Pathways situation, (PDF format) and I was plainly disgusted by the sheer avoidable wastefulness of it all.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.

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