Brain on fire following Robertson clip

Even though Day Job is around the corner from the CBN News office, I don’t think much about that candidate for America’s #1 lunatic: Pat Robertson.

The readers at Towelroad, using a YouTube-d video grabbed by Right Wing Watch, is having a “I can’t believe it” moment.

Seems the 700 Mob now thinks I-35 is the Lord’s highway and need to have “purity sieges” (who could make this stuff up?) to clean up the sinners. Strip clubs mentioned; gays targeted. (Disclosure: I once went to the bar mentioned in the clip, more than a decade ago, when in seminary. Show tunes night.)

The whole video makes my head hurt. The de-gay-ified youth minister. (There’s a story there.) The personality-plus evangelists. Everything being “on fire.”

The only comfort is how small the congregations seem to be and how fringy their message (delivery by dreams?) must seem to everyone else, not excluding some Fundamentalists.

By Scott Wells

Scott Wells, 46, is a Universalist Christian minister doing Universalist theology and church administration hacks in Washington, D.C.


  1. Scott,
    Which I-35 is Robertson talking about? The one that streches from Minnesota all the way to the Mexico border? Or some other one?

  2. I never understand how these people, who believe they have magic powers, never use them to feed the hungry, end the raping and pillaging of Darfur, use their “fire” to keep warm the elderly poor during the winter…shameful that they gather outside gay bars and harass people. Jesus would not, I think, be proud. And I’m guessing the un-gayed 19 year old will follow the path that most Exodus-types follow.

    There’s a United Methodist program that is shown on a local multi-faith cable access channel, and I caught some of it the other day; they were discussing homosexuality and the UMC. It was one of the most intelligent Christian conversations on this issue.

  3. This is frustrating and saddening. There is that small part of me that wants to identify with the gist of the message–that people need to be saved from “stale religion.” That there should be a conversion of mind and heart. But too often, as we see in these tracts, religions becomes a sword in which to cut down and cut apart.

    As far as James Stabile — the youth paster turned clubber turned convert turned whatever… Could there be any more irony in the poor boy’s last name?

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