Beth Terry speaking at BlogHer

Beth Terry — she of Fake Plastic Fish — is speaking at BlogHer this weekend. Congratulations! But what drew my attention to this was a thread of basic advice for reducing convention plastic waste through her Twitter feed. I was already primping for “bring your own badge holder” but her “Water bottles are great, but… Continue reading Beth Terry speaking at BlogHer

“The Story of Bottled Water”

A great video; a follow up to The Story of Stuff. The video is more than eight minutes long, so I suspect it’s use is best for those who are already convinced to make a case, rather than sugesting your indifferent friends to watch it. The matching site also has other resources, including an annotated… Continue reading “The Story of Bottled Water”

Bag surcharge bill to DC Council

Twelve of the thirteen members of the District of Columbia Council have introduced the Anacostia River Cleanup and Protection Act which includes a five-cent fee on disposable grocery bags, plastic or paper. Would be nice if it included other retailers — especially restaurants — but this probably gets the biggest number of bags off the… Continue reading Bag surcharge bill to DC Council