Embedding an Archive.org book

I got an aside from a Well-Respected Minister who liked “that little book video insert piece” in my last blog post. It’s the BookReader of Internet Archive, the source of the book. I think it’s the best desktop or laptop interface for reading books, and since the Internet Archives has a large number of public-domain… Continue reading Embedding an Archive.org book

What is your favorite Easter or Passover film?

An open post, for comments. I was thinking about how many Pesach/Paska films there are — or at least with a biblical theme and replayed on television this time of year. The Ten Commandments, sure, but does anything else appeal to you? Must watches?

“Threads” at 30

First broadcast thirty years ago today on BBC2. Back when we thought we’d all be nuked. I mention it now in thanksgiving. Alas, the video, once easy to find, has been pulled down.

Lost pictures of Universalist, recovered

Yesterday, Cory Doctorow wrote that millions of public domain images, recovered from Internet Archive’s optical text recognition, have been uploaded to Flickr. The listing includes the text context, and a link back to the book. Like a image index as much as an image resource. So I’m looking for Universalists, of course. Because the books… Continue reading Lost pictures of Universalist, recovered