Shortcuts for Bible citations

Oh, heavens! Many of you I imagine use or some other URL redirection service when the Web address you have is too long to fit in a comment box, or to be practical in a blog post. Oremus, an Anglican worship site, has a great service — let’s call it a cousin to URL… Continue reading Shortcuts for Bible citations

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Easter domain buying

I procured a domain that references one of my favorite biblical characters, or rather one of those characters whose presence (like Eutychus) only begs more questions. Let me introduce (tentatively) — there’s no content there; indeed, I’ve not yet even pointed the nameservers to my host, but I’m pondering its use. The reference, of… Continue reading Easter domain buying

The Hollywood version of the Bible

I know this is going around, but this kind of list is useful for the pinched-faced zealots (pro-Bible or anti-) who need a reminder that the Bible is a mixed bag and more interesting than usually described. The 9 Most Badass Bible Verses (

Speaking of agriculture and the University of Georgia

Steven R (SC Universalist: A Working History) has been transcribing bits of Southern Universalist interest from Manford’s Monthly magazine, most recently 1879. [He makes an update, corrects Grigsby’s name, and tells us he ended up in D.C. — a story I know well — for most of his career. I’ll have to find evidence of… Continue reading Speaking of agriculture and the University of Georgia