Lectionary loops: one year or three?

Sarah Dylan Breuer, of Dylan’s lectionary blog fame will be transitioning this Sunday from blogging from the Episcopal Church’s lectionary to the Revised Common Lectionary. (RCL) This makes sense: each lectionary is on a three-year cycle and she started her blog three years ago. Finish one lectionary, start another. That and the RCL is becoming… Continue reading Lectionary loops: one year or three?

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Free top-notch religion lectures in DC

PeaceBang is all about the boots a certain religion academic will be wearing for the American Academy of Religion/Society for Biblical Literature meeting here in Washington this week. I had all but forgotten about that meeting, even though it will be within walking distance of Chez BitB. And — Gott im Himmel! — several important… Continue reading Free top-notch religion lectures in DC

Ford’s Bible verse

Rep. Harold Ford (D-TN) lost his bid for the Senate, but there was something dignified and stirring in his concession speech. We’ll see more of him. But I wanted to note the biblical passage he quoted and used as a slogan for the campaign: For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities,… Continue reading Ford’s Bible verse

HRC starts preaching, Bible resource

The Human Rights Campaign — the largest US lesbian, bi, trans and gay organization for civil rights; headquartered in my neighborhood, by the way — has started up a Revised Common lectionary-based resource, as reported by the United Church of Christ News (link): The Human Rights Campaign has launched a weekly online preaching resource to… Continue reading HRC starts preaching, Bible resource

Using GnomeSword to tease out biblical citations

Y’all know I love Ubuntu Linux and use it exclusively on my home computer. I wanted to highlight a piece of software I’ve been using on it: GnomeSword, the Bible and related texts reader for the Gnome desktop. (I’m using it to identify the introits in the old Evangelical and Reformed Church The Hymnal lectionary.… Continue reading Using GnomeSword to tease out biblical citations

Wikipedia: the Bands on the Boy

Ah! Some enterprising writer has created a substantial article — ported from a personal site, it seems; wise move — about Geneva or preaching bands. Excellent! (he says Montgomery Burns-like.) Bands (neck)

Improved Bible look-up service

I was hunting for an exact Bible citation for a forthcoming post, and went to one of my favorite resources. There I discovered it had been updated and expanded, particularly useful for preachers and liturgical readers. Bible at Oremus

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Accidential clericalism

There’s a curious Unitarian Universalist practice where a good number of ministers use the writings of other Unitarian Universalist ministers “as a reading” for the pulpit, elevating to the defacto level of scripture. Much of what follows also applies to the endless references to popular writers and poets I heard used in Unitarian Universalist sermons.… Continue reading Accidential clericalism

Bible in ten seconds

Perhaps you’ve read about the The 100-Minute Bible, a page-turning condensation recently penned by an Anglican priest, the Rev. Michael Hinton. The BBC’s Radio Four has collected some submissions for a ten-second Bible, a few of which are quite clever.

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