Resuming commentary

After moving my main site to I just about stopped writing here. Which seems like a waste, and worse makes this seem like an abandoned site. So I’ve decided to make this blog a weblog again and log helpful or interesting things I find in daily life.

Archived pages fixed

Now that this blog supports interests aside from those feature on my main blog,, I don’t write for it so much. And at some point, the individual pages links became corrupt. You could see posts on the front page, but couldn’t click through. I’ve now fixed this and regret the disruption to would-be readers.

Moving the ministry to

From here on, the focus of my writing ministry will be at, and that is interpreting Universalist Christianity for today, particularly in practical and popular ways, and identifying and developing methods to operate churches and other ministries more efficiently and economically, including worship and leadership development, plus short notices and news as appropriate. An… Continue reading Moving the ministry to

Transcription workflow notes

So, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but I’ve not been inactive. And since I have the day off today, I thought I’d catch you up. Over the next couple of days, I’ll be putting up two chapters from the 1946 Parish Practice in Universalist Churches as text; I’ve previously posted it as… Continue reading Transcription workflow notes reclaimed

Short update: I lost my oldest domain — — because I don’t have the email addresses I used to register it years ago. I feared I might have to transition to, but lo! I got the original domain this week. Whew! (I transferred it to a new owner: me.) reads as… Continue reading reclaimed

Long live

Well, I can’t seem to reclaim the domain, despite my repeated appeals to the registrar. (I don’t have access to either email address with which I registered it aeons ago.) But I own, so after some tinkering I’ve moved the site dedicated to the “Christian hope in the final restoration of all souls,… Continue reading Long live

Ask: is there a resource you’d like?

Greetings, dear readers: A quick post to ask “what resources would you like to see here?” That could be theological, liturgical or administrative. Something I create, or something I uncover. Please note in the comments. Here to be helpful; without you I’m nothing!

Interested in Universalist scholarship?

So, I may pivot towards longer form, evergreen writing; at this phase, everyday short blogging is too much work and not terribly rewarding. I particular, I want to write Universalist theology and other works demonstrating scholarship. So, a request. Who out there would be willing to review ideas? And what would you like to see… Continue reading Interested in Universalist scholarship?