UniversalistChurch.net improvements made

I’ve given my poor neglected website, UniversalistChurch.net, the “parent” of this blog, some needed repairs. I think all the links work — none will shoot you off the now-lost UniversalistChurch.org domain — though there’s much cosmetic work to be done. If you see a bad link, please let me know in the comments.

Go-slow on blogging

As we re-enter the church year, the blogging will slow down to those posts which help church life, and the occasional quotation. Plus, what time I might use for blogging will be directed to getting the blogs at UUChristian.net humming like a top. Have you seen Fish Bowl, The Aerie, Prophet Motive yet? [2009-08-13. Don’t… Continue reading Go-slow on blogging

Housekeeping: Preferred stats tracking

A request for advice, my dear readers: I’m independently hosted, and don’t have user-friendly stats tracking. Philocrites and ABT [2009-08-13. defunct blog; see Ministrare] mentioned their unique visitors at the end of last month, and now I want to play. Recommended services?

A change of venue

Well, it took long enough but I was able to (1) learn Movable Type, and (2) get it loaded onto one of the hosts I have, but clearly not the one that supports uuchristian.org. (Lesson to self: keep all your websites hosted through one, convenient service.) So welcome to all of those who have read… Continue reading A change of venue

What to profess?

I never thought so many people would take an interest in this humble blog. Thank you. Some of the well-wishing inquiries came with the question, “how do I get one of my own?” I’m not using any web-logging software; just this CSS (thanks, free-of-charge, to Firda Beka at bookofstyles.org [site defunct], modified a bit). In… Continue reading What to profess?

Why this blog?

Let me be clear why I’m starting this blog: it is in part a positive response to the call by Bill Sinkford, the president of the Unitarian Universalist Association to reclaim a “vocabulary of reverence.” First he preached a sermon he gave a while back in Fort Worth, and a few days article in the… Continue reading Why this blog?

Day One

God forbid I should think myself one of those theologians who never has an unpublished thought. There are days that I have a hard enough time to come up with a cogent thought. So for now, let it be enough to try and record my best idea to share. Almighty God, uphold in my ministry… Continue reading Day One