ObscuraCam to help build church web sites

ObscuraCam is a phone app for Android to help citizen-journalists obscure faces in crowd photographs and videos, say, in undemocratic societies. It might be helpful in building your church’s website. You can use it to hide the faces of minors and other vulnerable persons, should your church’s policies require or recommend it. Two examples: Your… Continue reading ObscuraCam to help build church web sites

If I was going to liveblog my life…

There have been some very good “follow along with the blogger” blogs out there. Continental road trips by bike. Eating on a foot-stamp budget. Recording very low consumption. Reducing one’s possessions to so many items. Recording every bit of plastic used: a personal favorite. I thought of such an idea. Not for me, but perhaps… Continue reading If I was going to liveblog my life…

Donald Wilson as blogger returns, re-welcome!

Blogs come and go, but I miss very few of those that vanish. Donald Wilson — a Unitarian Universalist, a handy fellow, kilt-wearer and Michigander — was one. Following him on Twitter wasn’t quite enough. But good news: he’s back, with a hope of old posts being restored. Do encourage him. Coffee, Beer Geek, Repeat.

Today’s visit to the Occupy DC encampment

After going to D.C.’s commercial market for discounted produce, I dropped by the Occupy DC (or is it OccupyDC?) to drop off some onions and check out the vibe. It’s much larger and matured than last Saturday, when I tried to attend a march and rally with friend, Unitarian Universalist minister and new blogger Peter… Continue reading Today’s visit to the Occupy DC encampment

Blogs about universal restoration, from “Bible students”

Greetings: I’m looking for blogs written by or for independent theological universalists of the “UR” (universal restoration) or “Bible students” variety. I’ve noticed a strong tendency towards conferences there, and a conspicuous use of the Concordant version. I’m trying to better understand the fellowship (or fellowships). Links in the comments would be helpful. Forthcoming conferences,… Continue reading Blogs about universal restoration, from “Bible students”

Victoria Weinstein — in England

Dear friend, colleague and Unitarian Universalist minister Victoria Weinstein is on her way to that “sceptred isle” to lead worships, workshops and other meetings. I hope she’s able to work in some milky tea, mash and pie. Most of her time will be in and around London, but there are other events, and if you’re… Continue reading Victoria Weinstein — in England

Ladies and Gentlemen, Peacebang is back

After more than two years’ of hiatus, Unitarian Universalist minister, newly minted Doctor of Ministry and blogger (Beauty Tips for Ministers) Victoria Weinstein has resumed her first and signature blog, PeaceBang. Readers: go forth and enjoy.

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