We’re not here for you to validate us…

So, my dear Unitarian Universalist Christians, see if this sounds familiar. You let your Christian faith be known at church or fellowship or what-have-you and someone asks “how does that work?” or “have you considered the United Church of Christ?” — or something actively negative, suggesting that you shouldn’t be there at all, as if… Continue reading We’re not here for you to validate us…

What is it we become a member of?

Here’s another case one of those Facebook walled-garden discussions that really needs amplification and a public airing. The subject is membership. The issue is on what basis can a congregation admit members? And in particular, by whose authority and volition. Is a person’s membership largely the will of the person who wishes to join? Or… Continue reading What is it we become a member of?

Today is Ascension

Later. What? It’s Wednesday? Long week. Tomorrow is Ascension. Long-time readers know that I love the feast of the Ascension, when Christ took leave from his followers and figuratively lifted up humanity. Leaving the office just now, I chatted with Office Mate, with whom the subject turned to how well parsed the Wikipedia entry for… Continue reading Today is Ascension

Reading on Swedenborg

Got the brand new Swedenborg introduction — to help with my preaching gig, and was tickled to see the author Gary Lachman, may be better known to some as a founder and bassist for Blondie. Here’s an article (“Why You Should Know Emanuel Swedenborg“) he wrote recently for Huffington Post Religion.

Today is Holy Cross Day

Today, September 14, is Holy Cross Day though some churches put it at other times. It marks the re-discovery of the True Cross by Helena, Constantine’s mother. It is a capital-B Big Deal in some churches. Its reach in Protestantism, however, has been limited. The observance is about the cross itself and (unlike Good Friday)… Continue reading Today is Holy Cross Day

Ascension Day 2011

As I mentioned the other day when the elect weren’t raptured into the heavens, I prefer to mark our heavenward walk on Ascension Day, which is today. It is rich and complex with meanings and associations. Just one: that Jesus being raised up — this time in glory towards heaven — both pulls him out… Continue reading Ascension Day 2011

Holy Saturday 2011

Holy Saturday touches my imagination because its the time that — in some strains of Christian theology — the dead Christ visits and ransoms from hell the holy dead. To my Universalist mind, it must have seemed more like a cosmic jailbreak (though I’m not one to put divine actions in a linear timeline.) Something… Continue reading Holy Saturday 2011

Recommended Reformation Day reading

Greetings, readers — My husband, Jonathan Padget and I are back from a deeply restful and energizing vacation in southern New England. Expect much of the blogging in the days to come to reflect this. But today, among other observances, is Reformation Day. Ours is a reformation faith; indeed when examined perhaps Protestant if not… Continue reading Recommended Reformation Day reading