Patience while I review the numbers

So now I’m curious what the total congregational expenditures and membership numbers tell us. How much church “do you get” for the money? This goes right to the question of church development. These are fair, but rarely asked questions when the promoted culture is “give, baby, give.” Must you have $2,000 to spare per head… Continue reading Patience while I review the numbers

PolityWonk on ministerial formation

I agree with Elizabeth (of “Elizabeth’s Little Blog”) that you should read PolityWonk’s “How UU Ministry Got to Be So Expensive” — and especially the little-told parts of the story from point #7 onwards. In a related note, my own choice of seminary was conditioned on the full tuition I got from Brite Divinity School (M.Div.… Continue reading PolityWonk on ministerial formation

“Can my boss do that?”

Interfaith Worker Justice tomorrow launches a Web site called “Can My Boss Do That?” — a worker-oriented resource that uses a question-and-answer format to address labor rights. Some sections are state-specific. The facts can be a bit depressing, at first view. From a design point-of-view, I like how (1) it warns workers that employers might… Continue reading “Can my boss do that?”

When discounting memberships, internationally

Another church administration tidbit, in a roundabout way, though really more directed to membership organizations with any sort of international outreach — Membership organizations usually offer discounts for cause to members of certain classes of person — the young, the unemployed, students, the elderly, low earners, the retired, military service personnel, and so on —… Continue reading When discounting memberships, internationally

Bookmark, use Class Matters

While I was reading the Class Matters site, promoted by Victoria Weinstein, who heard it from Hafidha Sofia (Never Say Never to Your Traveling Self), I noted the UU blogger who left a comment, which as a state land-grant university educated person I appreciated. how it hurts a little because it reminds me of how… Continue reading Bookmark, use Class Matters