Ordo de Diservo fixed

Thanks to Richard Hurst for noting that encoding rot made the “Ordo de Diservo” — Order of Worship — unreadable, even for those who do read Esperanto. Should be all fixed, here and at RevScottWells.com, where I write slighly more frequently.

An unlikely word about convention economy

The World Congress of Esperanto (Universala Kongreso, or UK) started its meeting this evening in Lille, France. I’m not there; perhaps next year in Slovakia. But to mark the occasion, I looked up the official World Esperanto Association (Universala Esperanto-Asocio, or UEA) and found this page, incongruously written in English, and thus the title of… Continue reading An unlikely word about convention economy

Harder to return to blogging

I’ve only written one blog post since before General Assembly, and is was of a “what do you think” format. It’s been for a number of reasons: There’s been lots of work at work, and sometimes writing this blog seems like added work. This is my family’s season for birthday and anniversary celebrations, plus a… Continue reading Harder to return to blogging

I wish Unitarian Universalism was a game!

One set of people suggests liberal religion, and Unitarian Universalism particularly, is easy, insincere and a mental or spiritual plaything because of its inherent looseness and high regard for personal autonomy. Another set of people — that’s us — seems to take that that as a challenge, rather than opportunity to correct our behavior or… Continue reading I wish Unitarian Universalism was a game!

The Lord’s Prayer in Esperanto

I’m at that point in my Esperanto education that I had better move the next level or accept being left as an eterna komencanto: an “eternal beginner.” That’s not bad (article in English) per se, but I would like to attend conferences — organized, if off-beat, travel (esperante) is one of Esperanto culture’s big pay… Continue reading The Lord’s Prayer in Esperanto


I would be remiss as a budding Esperantist if I didn’t mention Google’s addition of Esperanto to its translation options. Bonege!

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More on the simplified conference

I mentioned the concept of the Esperanto weekend before. Think low-cost, lightly pre-programmed meetings with a focus on fellowship. Perhaps the container for an unconference. Two more thoughts. 1. The next Esperanto weekend will be in Richmond, Virginia. (details in English and Esperanto). Here is a how-to, if you read Esperanto. 2. Buses. Megabus, the… Continue reading More on the simplified conference