Esperanto flash cards to download

In a break from UUA General Assembly matters, I want to offer my readers Esperanto flash cards. Any not just any old flash cards, but for the dreaded correlatives (korelativoj). These are words such as that (thing), everyone and none that I take for granted in English but find difficult to memorize in Esperanto, even… Continue reading Esperanto flash cards to download

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General Assembly? Visit Unitarian Universalist Esperanto Network table

I’ve been buzzing about how much I’ve gotten from studying Esperanto — it even scratches my Universalism itch — and think many others might get something out of it, too. If you’re at the UUA General Assembly, be sure to visit the Unitarian Universalist Esperanto Network table at the Culture Company booth (#334) in the… Continue reading General Assembly? Visit Unitarian Universalist Esperanto Network table

One appeal of Esperanto

I am an emerging Esperantist — komencanto; a beginner — though like others I met at the Landa Kongreso last month, it helps if you’ve been previously exposed to the contagion. And apart from my studies as a child and college student, there was a familiarity. A familiarity built up in years of living with… Continue reading One appeal of Esperanto


I attended the Esperanto Usona Landa Kongreso — United-States-ian National Congress — in nearby Bethesda, Maryland, and I think I’m hooked. Proof: I’m in a blue shirt, a third of the way from the top. The next LK — pronounced “loko” — is in Berkeley, Kalifornio and I plan on being there. More about my… Continue reading Esperanto!

Favorite hymns

Haruo  — whose blog blends two of my interests: hymnology and Esperanto — notes a poll of favorite hymns at Semicolon. It ends tonight so I spent some time sorting my favorites so to add my favorites. (She was only asking for the top ten, but this includes everything on my short list.) Guide me… Continue reading Favorite hymns

[Unitarian|Universalist] Esperantists join ICUU

I got an email today from Sherry Wells/Ŝeri Ŭelz (no relation) stating that the Unitarian Universalist Esperanto Network a.k.a. UU-Esperanto has been admitted as an associate member of the International Council of Unitarians and Universalists, and that she and two others will present a program at the ICUU conference in Transylvania this fall.

“Liberala Himnaro” hymn list in English

I mentioned the Esperanto hymnal I just got. Don’t laugh. This means you. I realized that if you take the translated-from-English hymns in this collection, plus the Consultation on Ecumenical Hymnody’s 150 and you get a really good working set for a moderate to liberal Protestant church.  Particularly good since these are mainly in the… Continue reading “Liberala Himnaro” hymn list in English

“Liberala Himnaro”

There are those time I wonder how I ever ended up among the Unitarian Universalists. Then there are those times I go, “Oh yeah, there’s that . . . .” The pocket Esperanto hymnal I won on eBay arrived today.