Why so quiet? TransparencyCamp 2012

I’ve not been blogging lately because I work for the Sunlight Foundation — these words are my own — and we just hosted our big in-person event, TransparencyCamp 2012. (When I make comments about Unitarian Universalist events, I do so honestly.) The camp has been getting some major press; indeed, I hear that several of… Continue reading Why so quiet? TransparencyCamp 2012

World’s Fair Use Day

The concept of fair use of copyrighted intellectual property is probably under more strain now than ever before. The long term effects on a free, creative people are not known, but I can’t think it’ll be anything good. Public Knowledge is producing World’s Fair Use Day tomorrow, January 12, to draw attention to this issue.… Continue reading World’s Fair Use Day


I went to a conference last month and got a tote bag full of crap, better known as swag. Useless promotional material — I glanced at most pieces before tossing them into the recycling — and plastic doo-dads branded with a company I don’t care about. (I do like promotional flash drives, especially the one’s… Continue reading Anti-swag

Feeding the multitudes . . . .

Hosting a multi-faith event? What about the food? I was thinking about what kind of menu would anchor a religiously-universal meal, when competing moral, culture and ethical demands threaten to make something as important as a meal impossible. But it’s not impossible. I used Google to find this helpful page from the Inter Faith Network… Continue reading Feeding the multitudes . . . .