Making bread

The District of Columbia and surrounding area is digging out from a pair of blizzards the likes of which have not seen around here in living memory. Bread was one of the first commodities to disappear — this is a well-known phenomenon, even for modest snows — and the snowfall prevented trucks from restocking. We,… Continue reading Making bread

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Cooking for Armageddon

Reports of record snowfall — perhaps the worst since 1996, perhaps 1922, thus the worst I will have seen in my time in Washington, D.C. — have put our buttoned-up city into a tizzy. says it all. The groceries have been busy, and the nearby Trader Joe’s — always busy — last night was… Continue reading Cooking for Armageddon

Thanksgiving Dinner 2009

For the fourth year, Jonathan and I have had a smallish, vegetarian — we pardon all the turkeys — Thanksgiving dinner at home. Part of this blog post is scrapbook, part memory aid, part encouragement for others and part proof for my mother that we did have a nice meal. This year, the theme was… Continue reading Thanksgiving Dinner 2009

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Produce without plastic

The forthcoming District of Columbia plastic and paper bag restriction specifically excludes bags for fruit and vegetable — perhaps out of concern that D.C. residents need no discouragement to eat their greens. But in France we saw an alternative — paper. Strong attractive paper bags — squared off, with a picture of a cheery market… Continue reading Produce without plastic

Shredded cabbage hack

I love cabbage: tasty, low-calorie, available year-round, inexpensive and (for the purpose of this blog) available without plastic. I can even get it grown locally. I especially love cabbage finely shredded for slaw, a quick stir-fry or to enliven a thin soup. Of course, I avoid the bagged kind for the plastic; it is also… Continue reading Shredded cabbage hack

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Feeding the multitudes . . . .

Hosting a multi-faith event? What about the food? I was thinking about what kind of menu would anchor a religiously-universal meal, when competing moral, culture and ethical demands threaten to make something as important as a meal impossible. But it’s not impossible. I used Google to find this helpful page from the Inter Faith Network… Continue reading Feeding the multitudes . . . .

Easy steps to help your friends use less plastic

I’m here in Washington, D.C. and quite close to the action of tomorrow’s inauguration of Barack Obama as the forty-fourth President of the United States. I can only imagine how much plastic will be used in the collective festivities. But that’s not why I’m writing. With the new Administration comes a measure of optimism, if… Continue reading Easy steps to help your friends use less plastic

Obligatory weightloss resolution

Graham (and comment team) at Leaving Munster and Brian at The Beautiful Heresy — two religion bloggers I follow — have announced their weight-gain agita and a resolution to loose the same. Last year was good for weight loss: I have kept off more than thirty pounds, but yesterday’s weigh-in shows I have another 19.5… Continue reading Obligatory weightloss resolution

Stocking stuffer: chocolate

There’s something about a big bar of chocolate. Dark, milk, with nuts or fruit or without. Cheap standbys or rare specialties. (Cadbury’s, made in the United States under license by Hershey, is a good middle-of-the-road choice.) And very often there’s nothing between you and it than foil and paper. Can’t say that about most candy… Continue reading Stocking stuffer: chocolate

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