Self-care, weight-care like we mean it

I love the Internet, blogging and social networking because it allows self-empowered people to act immediatly. Introducing the seminarian-founded, ministerially-themed weight loss blog, Weight of the World. Why? Who? Lizard Eater, seminarian, mother of 4, has been trying very hard to create a healthier life for herself and her family. She focuses on whole foods… Continue reading Self-care, weight-care like we mean it

The healthy, sustainable diet

26 May. This article still attracts a lot of traffic, probably from search engine results. It seems rather topical given the widely reported projected increases in the price of food and petroleum products and the conflict between the human food and ethanol fuel uses for corn. I’ve also updated the PeaceBang link. The Rev. Victoria… Continue reading The healthy, sustainable diet

One reason I never liked FM radio

I was reading Tête-à-Tête-Tête and his weight loss progress. I’m glycemic indexing, and it seems to work, but when you throw that much fiber at a person, how can there be room for anything but success? I should get a rebate from the Oatmeal Council. The thing is that I don’t quite know what I… Continue reading One reason I never liked FM radio

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Eating on $21 a week?

Four U.S. Representatives — three Democrats and a Republican — are spending the week eating on $21 in groceries because that’s the average benefit of someone living on food stamps. They’re blogging their experience, and the comments are getting very interesting. I won’t be cynical and say the effort is a political ploy; perhaps, rather,… Continue reading Eating on $21 a week?