Stocking stuffer: chocolate

There’s something about a big bar of chocolate. Dark, milk, with nuts or fruit or without. Cheap standbys or rare specialties. (Cadbury’s, made in the United States under license by Hershey, is a good middle-of-the-road choice.) And very often there’s nothing between you and it than foil and paper. Can’t say that about most candy… Continue reading Stocking stuffer: chocolate

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Stocking stuffer: shoe brushes

Back in September, Hubby and I vacationed in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Seeing a Fuller Brush shop at an outlet mall in Reading, I stopped to see what was offered. There, in addition to two brushes made mostly of plastic, I found these US-made and evidently plastic-free shoe brushes. The small one is for daubing… Continue reading Stocking stuffer: shoe brushes