New ethical certification for kosher food

Religious life and ethical consumption are two of my interests. Non-Jews might miss growing story in the Jewish and secular press, so I want to mention Hekhsher Tzedek, a new kosher certification that includes the ethics of production in parallel with religious regulation. (For news about it, it’s easier to follow Rabbi Morris Allen’s blog.)… Continue reading New ethical certification for kosher food

Prayers for the National Day of Prayer

Since the recognized avenue for National Day of Prayer observances — supported by quite a few governors, but gladly not the Mayor of the District of Columbia so far as I’ve found; is yours one? — is a conservative Evangelical task force (Christian Science Monitor), I think I’ll keep my distance. But a couple of… Continue reading Prayers for the National Day of Prayer

Samuel Gompers memorial

Pictures — below the fold — I took today of the Samuel Gompers memorial here in Washington. On Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. between 10th and 11th Streets. This area is much improved, close to union halls and the hostel.  Happy Labor Day! Solidarity forever!

Parson’s Handbook: avoid sweatshops

Dearmer, in his introduction, reviews the poor esteem his Church then held for the arts: how commercial purchase has replaced patronage for its decorations and furnishings. Little wonder — it follows — how little concern artists have for the Church. In case the Unitarian Universalists out there have glazed-over eyes, I should point out it… Continue reading Parson’s Handbook: avoid sweatshops

Ethically-sourced laptops: just finding vendors

Following up on Ms. Theologian’s comments about who really makes laptop computers (Surviving the Workday), I thought I would point out two sources. These really are the exception to the rule, and even these use foreign-made components, including those sourced from China. But at least you can email someone and get a straight answer. Like… Continue reading Ethically-sourced laptops: just finding vendors

GA 2007: Unionized hotels

According to Hotel Workers Rising, a campaign of UNITE HERE!, the following Portland, Oregon hotels have unionized workers (direct link): Portland Hilton 921 SW Southwest 6th ave Portland, OR 97204 The Benson Hotel 309 SW Broadway Portland, OR Phone: 503-228-2000 The Paramount Hotel 808 SW Taylor Portland, OR 97205 Phone: 503-223-9900 The Hilton is an… Continue reading GA 2007: Unionized hotels