Any Hungarian Unitarian activity in the UK?

Those who follow international news know that Romanians and Bulgarians are now able to enter the United Kingdom legally. Hateful and xenophobic screeds notwithstanding, little has changed no far, except those who have taken advantage of undocumented labor can no longer abuse workers with impunity. London is not swimming in people from southeastern Europe. But… Continue reading Any Hungarian Unitarian activity in the UK?

Onwards, Voyager!

Just a boy 36 fears ago when the Voyager spacecrafts went into space — and still a lad for the first Star Trek film and the Cosmos television series which made significant references to it — I was wistful to hear that it’s agreed that Voyager 1 has left the solar system. Go, Voyager, and take your… Continue reading Onwards, Voyager!

Homeless people using smartphones

In case you missed it … read “A Homeless Man and His BlackBerry” by Kat Ascharya. For more on the subject, see “How Smartphones Throw the Homeless a Lifeline” by Margaret Rock. I’m not a big fan of techo-utopianism, but these article make a good case for seeing that vulnerable and homeless people have access to… Continue reading Homeless people using smartphones

Sandy Day blogging

I’ve not bothered to see if Hurricane Sandy has degraded to a tropical storm (or been upgraded in colliding with that winter storm) because all evidence is that it’s terribly fierce. I hear the wind, rain and sirens of emergency vehicles. But we’re better off than the Jersey Shore; remember its people and our beloved… Continue reading Sandy Day blogging

A sad look into a Pacific Congregationalist Church

Please remember in prayer Charles Jessop, who died of hemorrhagic dengue fever, on the island of Niue leaving behind a wife and small daughter. This is the first death there (at least in recent years) from the disease; pray for the people, too. Here is a news clip, beginning with Mr. Jessop’s funeral in a… Continue reading A sad look into a Pacific Congregationalist Church

A short film of hope for dying congregations

I was searching online, clicking links and reading tonight when I found this charming, touching and pleasingly funny film short. It’s about a Jewish congregation in the East End of London trying to keep a minyan on Yom Kippur. Spend ten minutes and — if your congregation is in peril — hope. “The Tenth Man”… Continue reading A short film of hope for dying congregations

Who’s really central in the UUA?

After a quarter-century as a Unitarian Universalist, I can say with conviction that our largest problems have little to do with money or even membership, but with deep unresolved issue of identity. The continual plaints — and curiously distributed — circle about who is or is not welcome, with tones more fitting for a Dickensian… Continue reading Who’s really central in the UUA?

Worship: once a year (or as needed)

Please excuse a moment of somewhat-silly ecclesiastic conjecture. Regular readers know I am considering working with a congregation that will meet for worship once a month. I know what you’re thinking: Once a month! Why so much? Geez. Slow down! Don’t you have anything else to do? Well, I do know of some churches that… Continue reading Worship: once a year (or as needed)

Chinese prisons keep slavery alive

It’s hard to see the “reeducation through labor” prisons in the People’s Republic of China and not see slavery. These laogai prisons not only detain people — including prisoners of conscience, including in Falun Gong and Christian believers — but then sell their products overseas. So some of those cheap Chinese goods come not simply… Continue reading Chinese prisons keep slavery alive

Occupy: D.C., New York, Davis or where-have-you

I’d hate for my readers to think that my few comments about the Occupy movement suggests I’m uninterested. Far from it. Indeed, I’m very mad and deeply concerned about yesterday’s pepper-spraying of student demonstrators at University of California Davis. Google for it, if you’ve not seen this now-iconic photograph. But I comment mostly by Twitter,… Continue reading Occupy: D.C., New York, Davis or where-have-you