Linux, Microsoft users: protect yourself against repetitive stress

I had a harrowing day today at the emergency room. All is well — better safe that sorry — but at the very least, let it be said that I should mitigate against eye and neck strain. Coming home, I re-installed a piece of software I once used: Workrave. It forces you to take short… Continue reading Linux, Microsoft users: protect yourself against repetitive stress

Happy birthday, Linux

Twenty years ago today, as the wold watch the Soviet Union break up, a Finnish student, Linus Torvalds released the first bit of code that became the Linux — named for him — kernel. If you use Linux on the desktop, an Android device or are reading this — I use a Linux host; most… Continue reading Happy birthday, Linux

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The $10 church computer

Something of a thought experiment. USB sticks have gotten ridicuously cheap and Linux desktop software has gotten rather robust and mature. Why not combine the two, and create a live USB drive — where the entire computer system with operating system, all software and files — can be booted up on pretty most any computer… Continue reading The $10 church computer

Something I love about Esperanto organizations

I love the membership cards. What’s the point of being a card-carrying Esperantist, if you don’t get a membership card? I got this one in the mail yesterday, and shows I paid my dues to “United-Statesian” section of the League of Christian Esperantists International for 2011, if that wasn’t plain. But apart from the symbolic… Continue reading Something I love about Esperanto organizations

Software for that comparative liturgy project

A few days ago, I suggested a common dependence on Frederick Henry Hedge’s translation of the Liturgy of St. James for Unitarian, Universalist and Free Christian communion practice. Rashly I said would create a parallel text showing this development if I could find the software to typeset it. I think I found what I was… Continue reading Software for that comparative liturgy project

Linux Bible software problem

So I’ve installed two Bible reader software packages: BibleTime and Xiphos (formerly GnomeSword). Both are based on the SWORD Project, where the former is native to the Kubuntu distribution (flavor) of Linux, while Xiphos is native to the mainline Ubuntu distribution I use. (If the difference between Ubuntu and Kubuntu doesn’t mean anything to you… Continue reading Linux Bible software problem

Software for publishing hymns

A new hymnal — or at least ready-to-reprint hymns — is one of the pre-conditions (among many) I see for Unitarian and Universalist Christians growing new churches. Singing the Living Tradition doesn’t have the corpus of hymns needed for a rounded Christian life, other denominational hymns often have their own limitations and besides — as… Continue reading Software for publishing hymns

The best PDFs in review

I recently backed up my home computer, reinstalled Ubuntu Linux and decided the terabyte-sized external hard drive was a must. (I recall my younger self backing up with floppy disks. A quick calculation suggests it would take 7510 pounds of those old disks for my current data. And I’m nowhere close to using up that… Continue reading The best PDFs in review