Bible for Android?

No, I’m not preparing for a robotic mission. But after years of rejecting having a cell phone, I gave in — and did so with an Android phone. (After reading how a significant plurality of homeless persons have a cell phone, and how it is a leading entry-point for Internet technologies for persons in developing… Continue reading Bible for Android?

PDF scanning the booklet

Notes from my scanning workflow from yesterday. I’ve had my Epson Perfection 3490 Photo scanner for years — a gift from Hubby, Christmas 2003 or 2004, I think — but it never played happily with whatever Linux set-up I had at the time. But there’s a maxim that Linux distributions (editions) work better with older… Continue reading PDF scanning the booklet

Ping to the Lord a GNU song

The hymn “Earth and all stars” — does anyone else think of Chuck Taylor? — gives us one of my favorite lines in Christian hymnody: “Classrooms and labs, loud boiling test tubes,/sing to the Lord a new song!” So that’s why I love this video. And that looks like a Linux laptop. I wonder who… Continue reading Ping to the Lord a GNU song

CrunchBang Linux gets own home

My favorite lightweight distro (edition) of Linux is Philip Newborough’s young CrunchBang Linux, an unofficial variant of Ubuntu Linux using the OpenBox window environment. Now that it’s moved past its wobbly fawn phase, Newborough’s moved it from his CrunchBang blog to Bookmark and savor. But who would make the most of this distro? Perhaps… Continue reading CrunchBang Linux gets own home

Episcopalians, meet Ubuntu

It’s no secret I have little patience for the Episcopal Church of late, so I wasn’t looking out for the theme of the 2009 General Convention. The Topmost Apple, an Episcopalian blogger I follow, presumably has more patience for the Episcopal Church, but little regard for the theme, which is “Ubuntu: I in You and… Continue reading Episcopalians, meet Ubuntu