I found a church in Newport Pagnell

Excuse the pun and, urm, backseat driving. This is a pointed question to the British Unitarians out there. Why are there no Unitarian churches in Milton Keynes, a postwar “new town” with more than 200,000 residents? Not even one. And, given the usual caveats about growth, it’s set to double in population in the next… Continue reading I found a church in Newport Pagnell

A hymn at St. Moz’s

I’d totally go to church here. (I’ve been to Lutheran churches with similar interiors.) Though the theology is perhaps less Universalist than it seems at first flush. A touch of Adventism? The vegetarians ones, naturally. “In the future when all’s well” (Morrissey)

“Web Site Story”

Unitarian Universalist minister and blogger James Ford (Monkey Mind) posted a video — a very funny video — from The Onion. But let’s be clear: everyone I know had already seen it. But it’s the summer, it’s hot, I’m tired and it was still funny. So if you missed “Web Site Story” from last August,… Continue reading “Web Site Story”

Every day is like All Souls

Today is All Souls Day, but let me let you in on a secret: I’m especially happy today because Hubby and I are going to see Morrissey in concert tonight. I know there are other Morrissey and The Smiths fans out there: what are your favorite songs? Comment away. I’ll chime in if others do.

Scott Wellses of the world unite and take over

I’m only musing, amused. I’ve mentioned before I have an extraordinarily common name. I shouldn’t have been surprised when on Facebook a string of total strangers — each named Scott Wells — wanted to be my friend. Sure – why not? Now I’m one of five members of Scott Wells’ Unite. I don’t approve of… Continue reading Scott Wellses of the world unite and take over

The healthy, sustainable diet

26 May. This article still attracts a lot of traffic, probably from search engine results. It seems rather topical given the widely reported projected increases in the price of food and petroleum products and the conflict between the human food and ethanol fuel uses for corn. I’ve also updated the PeaceBang link. The Rev. Victoria… Continue reading The healthy, sustainable diet

Walking in the home of the brash, outrageous and free

Londoners and visitors — whether or not they go to Sloane Square — can turn to a new site — walkit.com — for detailed point-to-point walking directions, calorie burnings and CO2 savings. Sometimes walking is faster and more convenient than public transit or even taxis. The BBC has a 2006 story on it, too. There’s… Continue reading Walking in the home of the brash, outrageous and free