Installing the SnapScan 1300 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

This is one of those blog posts that act as a note-to-self. and, I hope help others in the same boat. If you have a SnapScan 1300 portable and want to use it on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 LTS, follow these directions. They worked for me. (I found that from this page, so thanks all around.)

Low plastic? Shop on campus

I was in Athens, Georgia last weekend for a University of Georgia alumni event. One fun thing about being in a college town is shopping for items unavailable elsewhere. (Metro D.C. is — what? — thirty times the size, but it’s easier to get beer-making supplies in Athens, for instance.) One such product line is… Continue reading Low plastic? Shop on campus

Low plastic office: Hollinger boxes

A truly paperless office, even if desirable, is very hard to organize. Paper is just too useful a product and paper printed quickly becomes paper stored. There are many metal filing tools for those who want to avoid plastic, but these are often packed in plastic or are simply too large or unwieldy for the… Continue reading Low plastic office: Hollinger boxes

Getting rid of phone books

Today, NPR had a segment (“The Phone Book’s Days Appear Numbered”) about a California bill to make white page directories opt-in, the problems associated with their production and disposal and about the overall decline of the utility of phonebooks. (These are, of course, mostly paper — a valuable resource in its own right — but… Continue reading Getting rid of phone books

Keeping packing peanuts out of landfills

We can agree that plastic packing peanuts are best avoided, who actually seeks them out? Indeed, they seek us in the goods we order or gifts we receive. We get many at work, and they’re not recyclable through the usual waste streams. But shipping companies will sometimes take them and reuse them. The Plastic Loose… Continue reading Keeping packing peanuts out of landfills