Girl Scout cookies hack

When the green-garbed cookie pushers come my way, I hide: I just love those waist-bulging Thin Mints much too much. But if others don’t abstain, you might be able to benefit in a way that respects creative re-use, and indirectly reduce plastic consumption. I discovered an empty Thin Mints carton (that holds 12 boxes) is… Continue reading Girl Scout cookies hack

Low plastic office: erasers

Some of my favorite erasers are proudly and plainly “plastic” — so once they’re used up I’ll get no more. Natural gum rubber erasers are available and presumably biodegradable. The last one I got wasn’t even packaged but a promotional piece from an arts supply store.

Low plastic office: pencil sharpeners

You can, of course, avoid using plastic pens (even fountain pens) by using wooden pencils. But they need to be sharpened. KUM makes these small, elegant and metal sharpeners that I’ve seen loose in art-supply stores. A nice stocking stuffer, I’d think, too.