The wind-up laptop

Let’s hear it for the MIT Media Lab and its $100 Laptop project. The idea is to get inexpensive but modern laptop computers into the hands of school children in the developing world. Several nations have signed on to the project to distribute them to literally millions of school-children. The BBC World News reported about… Continue reading The wind-up laptop

The Bible opens up

In my recent post Is the mainline church closed-source? I resigned myself to using the King James Version of the Bible. Last night, I installed more open-source software on my computer — I’m loving the Ubuntu Linux, but that’s another entry — and GnomeSword2 Bible Guide had a translation I had never heard of: the… Continue reading The Bible opens up

Reviewing a writer’s rights

Derek commented, in reference to his Galatians project, “So open source it will be… even if it is KJV.” I’m not sure if he meant that he’d have to use the King James Version because it is in the public domain, or if he intends to release his work into the public domain (probably the… Continue reading Reviewing a writer’s rights

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Is the mainline church closed-source?

I like open source software. It is usually financially free, and while I don’t develop software, I do benefit from those who use the freedom is provides. When InfoCentral, a church and not-for-profit management software project decided to follow a Java development line, some other people forked its development (under the name ChurchInfo using a… Continue reading Is the mainline church closed-source?

Open source in churches

Following up on the open source software in the church office idea — Just found this ministry. Just the thing. How did I miss it? What is the Freely Project? The Freely Project was setup for the promotion of Open Source Software (OSS) and Linux within churches. Members of the project have a range of… Continue reading Open source in churches

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More on Wiki

Philocrites , when carrying on my reportage of the newish UU Wiki, noted “because I can’t quite get my head around the uses of this technology.” That deserves a reply. Consider the UUA’s Worship Web, which Philo knows very well. It says it is still being developed, but I rather doubt much happens to it… Continue reading More on Wiki

UU Wiki

There’s an emerging Unitarian Universalist wiki (read: the now and next big thing for cooperative work on the internet; the biggest one is the ultra-helpful Wikipedia) So far, it mostly has information from a few UUA sponsored mailing lists, but it rests on the same software as Wikipedia, so it has the power to grow… Continue reading UU Wiki

Wikipedia comes close to home

I love Wikipedia, the best open-source online encyclopedia around. When I need terms to distinguish between different kinds of dim sum, or want a list of the world’s subway systems, or how many people live in Malta, I go there. They seem to have an article for everything. Of course, there’s one for Universalism, but… Continue reading Wikipedia comes close to home