Bag surcharge bill to DC Council

Twelve of the thirteen members of the District of Columbia Council have introduced the Anacostia River Cleanup and Protection Act which includes a five-cent fee on disposable grocery bags, plastic or paper. Would be nice if it included other retailers — especially restaurants — but this probably gets the biggest number of bags off the… Continue reading Bag surcharge bill to DC Council

Wrapping packages the drugstore way

Life Less Plastic beat me to the punch when refering to the furoshiki way of wrapping goods (especially gifts). So I have another suggestion, if from an unlikely source. Today, when you look up the “drugstore wrap” or “pharmacy wrap” it almost always refers to a way to wrapping meat. Or a way illicit drug… Continue reading Wrapping packages the drugstore way option means less plastic

WorldChanging reports that has adopted a “Frustration-Free Package” program for some of its products. This means the dreaded, seemingly impenetrable plastic outer packaging has been replaced by easy-to-open cardboard. Less frustration, less plastic waste. Not many offerings: a few toys, SD cards and computer mice. All, not incidentally, made of plastic. But a big… Continue reading option means less plastic