Shaving with water only

There’s a touch of heresy floating around the double-edge-blade shaving web: you don’t really need lather to shave. It’s relevant here because double-edge blades can be had without plastic. Heresy because some of the cachet to double-edge shaving is the equipment — the obvious, but also brushes, mugs, soap, lotions and mirrors — that makes… Continue reading Shaving with water only

Getting the shaving brush

My male office-mates know I’m an advocate of double-edge razors: they save money, plastic and provide a superior shave. Martin Higgins ( had a post today about safety razors — but if you see the one he notes, avoid it; I got one and it’s awful — and the subject of shaving brushes came up… Continue reading Getting the shaving brush

Make your own deodorant

Next to shampoo, the Deodorant Question looms the largest in the world of the seriously plastic-free. And somewhere in my head I made the calculation and thought “that’s too far.” I can zap plastic in other parts of my life before I go there. Thus But I’m sympathetic enough (and frugal and wary of… Continue reading Make your own deodorant

My shampoo solution

I have basically two kinds of readers here: serious plastic reduction folk, and co-workers. (Hi gang!) The later group might not understand how seriously some of the former take the issue of not using commercial shampoos, which includes the plastic bottle and for some the chemicals included. The baking-soda-and-vinegar alternative didn’t appeal, and it’s not… Continue reading My shampoo solution

Stocking stuffer: shoe brushes

Back in September, Hubby and I vacationed in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Seeing a Fuller Brush shop at an outlet mall in Reading, I stopped to see what was offered. There, in addition to two brushes made mostly of plastic, I found these US-made and evidently plastic-free shoe brushes. The small one is for daubing… Continue reading Stocking stuffer: shoe brushes

Shaving without plastic

A while back I changed my shaving routine, going from cartridge blades and canned foam first to a traditional double-edge blades in a holder. I revived the use of my shaving brush. Then I got my grandfather’s all-metal razors after my grandmother died. I moved from blades cased in plastic and sold in blister packs… Continue reading Shaving without plastic

Reduced-plastic toothbrush

Was at Greater Goods tonight to get a 1.2kg bag of Charlie’s Soap Powder — for laundry, packed in paper; more about that later — when I saw the German-made Fuchs Ekotec toothbrush (online retailer), which claims to be “economical, ecologically correct”. Which is good, since my toothbrush is looking ragged. Is the claim vaild?… Continue reading Reduced-plastic toothbrush