Some of you may get the meanings here; if not, please move on with my apologies.

What I look like

People have the funniest idea of what I look like, but apparently I come off as much older and much shorter online. And these revelations take place at General Assembly. I leave tomorrow night for G.A. and if you see me, do say hello. I’m keen to meet new people and old friends alike.

I graduated from college 20 years ago today

The portrait of the blogger as a young man. Fresh from receiving my bachelor of arts degree in history and religion from the University of Georgia. I’m a bit grayer and have better (and bifocal) glasses now; and not much the worse for wear. I’ve still not framed that diploma.  

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Legally married

As some of you know, on August 21, Jonathan Padget and I legally married at home in the company of some local friends. He and I were married at church in 2003, but now that the District of Columbia marriage law encompasses same-sex couples we wanted to “complete” our marriage. (The liturgy follows.) The Rev.… Continue reading Legally married

Goals: 41 to 42

I recently had a birthday, and am now 41 years old. That gives me a year before I reach 42, which — as I knew, and surprisingly others also volunteered — is “the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.” But the proof that I really am in my forties is… Continue reading Goals: 41 to 42