Vandiver dies, Universalist ties

Ernest Vandiver was one of those bridge “old South-new South” figures that leaves most people scratching their heads. He was the governor of Georgia from 1959 to 1963: his career includes his famous “no not one” segregationist defence, but the relatively mild transition from legal segregation (compare Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas . . .) during his… Continue reading Vandiver dies, Universalist ties

Protestant divestment?

So what’s the news of American Protestant churches and South African-style divestment of Israel? Seems that there are charges of anti-Semitism (so what’s new there?) and waffling from people who had already made up their minds that investing in companies that benefit the Israeli onslaught of Palestinians might actually be a bad thing. But it… Continue reading Protestant divestment?

The devil

After watching several hours of Hell in a Handbasket 2004, I think I need a good long rest before commenting. Demosthenians, note: for the first time since leaving active Society membership, I found myself scribbling down notes for a speech (as opposed to a sermon.) Shame that there’s no table from which to give it.

Follow the Marriage Equality Express Caravan blog

Three things. It is right to highlight the good works of one’s colleagues. I love a travelogue. I want to get legally married one day. Read Riding with the Rev. — John Millspaugh: “From Oct. 4-11, along with Rev. Helen Carroll and 46 others, aboard the National Marriage Equality Express Caravan. A little late, but… Continue reading Follow the Marriage Equality Express Caravan blog

Well, he’s gone.

I will not join in the general media orgy of lamentation after the death of the fortieth president. I think a lot of Americans have good reason to abstain. Or, as late beloved religion professor once put it: “It is a sin to wish for the death of another, but you might read some obituaries… Continue reading Well, he’s gone.

Love and marriage

Good God, I might actually get married in my own country. I’m at home today, ill, a bit fevered and with a hacking cough. Got up to try to accomplish some work, and (to that end) checked my email. Vanity led me to check if anyone had added a comment to my blog, and noticed… Continue reading Love and marriage